Anonymous Friend Help

Anonymous Friend is no more available for download. Instead, we recommend to download and test our IP Hider hide ip address software which is the advanced version of Anonymous Friend. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Getting Started
  • How it works
  • Requirements
  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Toolbar Description
  • Troubleshooting
  • Getting started
  • For activating the toolbar after installation, right click on the IE browser and tick the Anonymous Friend option. Anonymous Friend will be shown in your open browser window.

  • How it works
  • Anonymous Friend is an online privacy application designed to protect your online identity, allowing you to interact with a specific page. Anonymous Friend guards your privacy while surfing, lets you post messages on forums or cast your vote on various websites.
    Anonymous Friend conceals your IP address by routing your traffic through foreign proxies. Choose one proxy from the dropdown list and click the enable button and you are anonymous online. All proxies allow dynamic internet browsing, post messages on various forums or vote.

  • Requirements
  • The toolbar needs: Internet Explorer 5.5+, and one of the following operating systems: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. Anonymous Friend runs only with Internet Explorer as browser.

  • Installation
  • After downloading the application, run the setup. This will install the application on your computer. After installation, the toolbar will be configured on your IE browser. For activating the toolbar, right click on the IE browser and tick the Anonymous Friend option. Anonymous Friend will be shown in your open browser window.

  • Toolbar Description

  • Help

    Anonymous Friend help is available by pressing the “Help” button in the toolbar. It will open a new browser instance with the application online help.
    The update button (second in the toolbar left to right) will update the proxy list so that the newest proxies available to enter your list. Click the button for an update. Usually, the proxy list is updated daily.


    The register Button gives you information on the status of the application: trial or registered. Anonymous Friend Trial Version expires after 3 days. After expiration, you can continue using the product but, you must be informed that the proxy list now contains only normal proxies. Furthermore, you have the “add proxy” option so you can add proxies at your choice. In order to receive premium proxies – high quality proxies – you will have to register your copy of Anonymous Friend. Please visit our website for more information about the available subscription packages.


    At your choice, Anonymous Friend will be shown in every instance of your browser. But anonymous surfing status is on only after enabling the application. This can be done by choosing a proxy from the dropdown list then press the enable button. Anonymous Friend will test the proxy and at the end you will receive a message that the application is connected to the anonymous proxy. During disabled period the enable button will have a grey color “Help” button in the toolbar.

    The proxy list contains a number of proxies that allow the user to surf anonymously. Proxy list is is updated each time you click on the Update button. The updated proxy list will be shown the next time you open an IE

    Current IP

    Anonymous Friend provides you information on the computer IP address. The current IP address is written next to the proxy list. It will always show the address of the proxy in use, or if the application is not enabled, the computer local IP address.

  • Troubleshooting

  • For Dialup Users

    Dial Up users should set the connection they want to use as default in the Internet Explorer Browser. If you want to change your connection properties in Internet Explorer we advice you to disable Anonymous Friend if this is enabled), and enable it after you have preceded with the change.

    To set your internet connection as default, open an Internet Explorer window; access the “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options”. A new window opens. Select the “Connections” tab, and in the “Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings” you will see your dial-up connections. Your default connection is the connection which has “(default)” written after it. If you want to use Anonymous Friend with your dial-up connection, you should choose “Dial whenever a network connection is not present” or “Always dial my default connection”, then click on the internet connection you want to use with Anonymous Forum Buddy and click the “Set Default” button. Click Apply to save changes.

    Optimize your connection speed

    Try different proxies from the list. Some proxies are faster than other, and it is also possible for few not to work at the time you choose them.

    Some proxies may route their traffic using other proxies

    This may explain why your new IP is different from your real IP, but also from the proxy you have chosen.

    “my real IP is visible“ issue.

    This situation may occur in cases when that page is using the java virtual machine to reveal information about your real IP address. By using Anonymous Friend you your IP address will be hidden but you have to disable Java as well. This configuration must be done only once and the virtual machine will no longer reveal your IP address.
    Please, see the following images for instructions.

    If you are using a different Java Virtual Machine, follow the instructions below:

    Proxy List
    Client Area