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Free entertainment – there is no such thing

Posted on September 15, 2010 in Security

There is a cost we have to pay for everything, even for free entertainment over the Internet. There is an increasingly number of people searching for media online: digital movies, music, TV, radio, and videos. Accordingly to comScore Inc, “more than 177 million U.S. Internet users watched online video in June of this year alone, up from 157 million a year ago”.

What many don’t know is that the risks associated have also increased. It seems that cybercriminals improved their tactics creating “dangerous websites, malicious ads, and video viewing tools designed to harm your computer.” The security guru McAffe, conducted a survey related to risks form sites that advertise unauthorized content.


To protect ourselves while enjoying digital media, McAffe recommends to:

  • Avoid word “free” in searches
  • Don’t click on links, banners, that aren’t well established
  • Use security software like such as McAfee Total Protection™
  • Realize that the more in-demand a topic, a movie, or an artist is, the higher the risk we face when searching for them.

For more details about how to protect online and the risk associates to digital media, you can check the complete survey conducted by McAffe.

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