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How to send a secured message via e-mail

Posted on May 13, 2010 in Security

I’m sure many of us are not aware of the wide variety of services available online. There are services that you don’t know they exist and more than that, you don’t know you could use it.

A good example is TMWSD (, which is a secure, auto-deleted messaging service. The purpose of this service is to:

  • encrypt your message before storing it
  • delete the encrypted content after the first time the message is retrieved

This service will protect your information in case your e-mail is hacked, in case of keylogger or other phishing method. More then that, the service has the ability to restrict access by password and the password is never actually stored on their database. No one can decrypt the message without the password.

Here are the easy steps you have to follow in order to use their service:

  1. Go to
  2. Write your message and set a password.
  3. Check “I accept the Terms and Services” box and hit the “Save this message” box
  4. Copy the link generated
  5. Open your e-mail and paste the link into the body section of a new e-mail. Sent the message to the desired person.
  6. When the receiver opens the e-mail and access the link, the password is required to be entered. After the receiver close the page, the message auto destructs and no one can read it again, not even you or the receiver.

So if you are a security freak :-) or if you just have to send someone a very important message, then you should definitely give this service a try.

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