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User’s feedback – IP Hider survey results

Posted on May 4, 2010 in IP Hider

We gathered the feedback of 70 users of IP Hider. I was pleased to see that there was a positive feedback and generally speaking all users are satisfied with IP Hider’s functionalities.

There were 70 users who have taken the survey.

  • 67% of the responders said IP Hider it’s easy to use, 12% admitted that it’s easy to use only in Smart Mode and the rest, 21% did not test it yet or find it difficult to use.
  • IP Hider is used on a daily or weekly basis and users prefer Smart Mode because it’s easier to use than Manual Mode.
  • Regarding the proxies, the Internet speed is not slowed down or a little bit slowed down which is great news.
  • 65% users think there are enough proxies embedded into the application while the rest would like to have more proxies.

Other valuable information:

  • the most used browser is Firefox
  • the most used OS: Windows XP and Windows 7
  • most desired countries from where to add proxies: Asia , Australia and Canada

Thank you all for your feedback and I wish you a happy anonymous browsing. :-)

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  1. Peter Says:

    most people want a ip hider program to accsess tv,movies, films in the usa, japan and other countrys, the ip hider hides ip very well, but big problem when trying to watch many different tv movies in usa and other places around the world the buffering was so bad you could not watch any thing at all! I tested the same sites with ultrasurf and no problems no buffering at all. The one site I always wanted was I got in and signed up on hulu with ip hider was pleased the tryed to watch movie and tv buffering very bad, hulu can id ultrasurf, and not let you watch movies, even if you signup using ip hider then use ultrasurf hulu wont let you watch tv etc. what can be dont to sort out the problem with buffering using ip hider ? remember all but hulu work well with ultrasurf any help

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