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9.Happy Wednesday – this time is only for bloggers

Posted on March 17, 2010 in Free Hide IP, Happy Wednesday, IP Hider
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If you are an avid blogger than you have great chances to win a free one month license key for IP Hider (or maybe more so you can share them to your readers).

All you have to do is to write a review about IP Hider on your blog and to send us an e-mail at with the link to the post (you can also post the link in the comment section below). We will check it and based on the quality of the post we will decide if you will get one or more license keys.

Before writing the review, please check out the requirements because if you do not meet them we will have to ignore the post:

  1. Your blog must be at least 5 months old.
  2. Your blog must be technology related.
  3. You must have at least 100 posts published on your blog.
  4. Your blog should have at least 200 rss subscribers.

Because this campaign involves more time, I decided to extend the Happy Wednesday until Monday, 22 2010. I hope this will be like a happy week :).

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  1. Peter Says:

    The reason most people would want a program like ip hider is to watch usa tv , movies film, and movies news from other countrys, no other reason, you dont need ip hiders for chat rooms around the world. ip hider dose its job well hiding ip, but I have fully tested ip hider and the buffering when trying to watch tv, movies, any where out side europe is very bad! imposible to watch any thing at all, the sites I went to with ip hider, I went to also with ultrasurf, no problems with ultrasurf at all watching tv, movies usa japan so on. was the site I wanted most, ip hider got me in but again buffering very bad, is there anyuthing you can do about this problem ? if you cant streem with ip hider theres no point in buying it. let me know what you think thanks anyone help

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