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7.Happy Wednesday – IP Hider 4.9 free license keys

Posted on March 3, 2010 in Free Hide IP, Happy Wednesday, IP Hider, Misc

Giveaway campaign ended

This week we launched a new version for IP Hider, 4.9. So, to have a powerful start, we decided to giveaway one-month free license keys for everyone. To get a license key, just place a comment below and use a valid e-mail address (the e-mail will not be made public).

To properly install the new version of IP Hider on your computer, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you have an older version of IP Hider, uninstall it and restart your computer.
  2. Download and install the new version from here:
  3. Start browsing anonymously.

Registered users must know that:

More that that everyone who wants to get a one year license key for IP Hider 4.9 can get it with 30% only today.

If you have any inquiries related to the giveaway campaigns or related to the product, please contact us at:

344 Responses to “7.Happy Wednesday – IP Hider 4.9 free license keys”

  1. am Says:

    Tnx alot!!

  2. Diego Says:

    I have been looking for something like this, thank you!

  3. josh Says:

    i wanna try this 2 one licence 4 me

  4. dave Says:

    free software cool

  5. aigbe edos Says:

    ur software is one of the best i have seen u rocks

  6. Ruyx Says:

    Just that i need to protect my PC and launch my favorite game.. THANKS IP HIDER …U ROCK

  7. mohammed Says:

    ooh ,,

    great,, I would love to have a license for one month.

  8. akram Says:


  9. Eddy Says:

    Today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday, so happy Wednesday .. Happy week and happy month .. A whole month key license … Well, I’m waiting for that key to be happy, otherwise no one will be happy here 😀

  10. freedom Says:

    thanks a lot for this great offer =)

  11. marc Says:

    speriamo funzioni veramente

  12. saad Says:

    Sounds good 1 month key here please

  13. Cody Says:

    I love this i have tweeted it and everything gimma a licence trial key and ill keep posting more and more bout ur great work

  14. Jeremy Says:

    I love IP Hider

  15. drack Says:

    good site keep it up i need the one month free one

  16. dr. hide Says:

    top rated tool as usual .. thanks

  17. Ahmed Says:

    hi just trying it one month free here please 😀

  18. rg mccreary Says:

    am currently paying $4.99 per month somewhere else, for service best described as “intermittant.” give me 30 days free, and if i’m pleased, you’ll have another paying customer.

  19. maho Says:

    hii mr and good afternon excuise me sir me no have serial key 4.9 please give me sir,thx

  20. RC Says:

    Thanks for offering the free trial license – I’m looking forward to evaluating your software. I hope it does what I’d like it to and meets or exceeds my expectations. Can I only use the email address provided once to recieve the free trial licence? Just curious, though I’m guessing I already know the answer…thanks again for the chance to give your software a try. 🙂

  21. Pepa Says:

    Me gustaria tener licencia gratis de prueba, por favor….

  22. deathghost Says:

    col program love see what can use this with see if its better than others if tried

  23. Prabhu Says:

    nice software dude its reallyy worksss

  24. JL Says:

    Do more promotions please!

    We, the people ruled by the communist regime, need this!

  25. smitheren123 Says:

    free 1 week yah

  26. shaker Says:

    pleas give me the licens

  27. Calvin Says:

    time to get browsing

  28. Rocky Says:

    Thankx, but why not provide life time but limited functionality.
    with Ads .

  29. m.husin Says:


  30. amr Says:

    very nice

  31. hasan Says:

    Thanks for offering the free trial license

  32. hadfa Says:

    hi thanks for the amazing program

  33. ignacio Says:

    Hello, please … I could give the key .. I enable IP arian hyper … if you can give it to me the favor! they would appreciate a lot … bye! thanks! ^. ^ oh please I have the version 4.9 if there is a lot of trouble … they do well.

  34. Antonio Says:

    Muy buena herramienta

  35. Antonio Says:

    buena herramienta funciona muy bien

  36. Kim Tran Says:

    I want to test this product
    Please give me a license key

  37. gabriel Says:

    Hola, quiero probar este producto.

  38. ivan Says:

    Thanks for licens

  39. momo Says:

    wow very cool thanx

  40. daniel Says:

    demasiado bueno este programa quisiera una licencia porfavor

  41. nany Says:

    Sounds good 1 month key here please.

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  43. Nawaf Says:

    Can i have License plz ;D

  44. Kim Says:

    i would like to try this please send me!!!!!!!!!!!

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