Free entertainment – there is no such thing

Posted on September 15, 2010 in Security

There is a cost we have to pay for everything, even for free entertainment over the Internet. There is an increasingly number of people searching for media online: digital movies, music, TV, radio, and videos. Accordingly to comScore Inc, “more than 177 million U.S. Internet users watched online video in June of this year alone, […]

India asks for data access – first Blackberry now Google and Skype

Posted on September 10, 2010 in Security

The Times of India recently revealed that India is asking companies offering VoIP services to provide security agencies access to the encrypted data. This request came only one day after RIM, the producer of Blackberry agreed to do so. The government wants Google, Skype and RIM to setup servers within the country and to give […]

IP Hider contest – winners announced

Posted on August 11, 2010 in Free Hide IP, IP Hider

Last week we launched a contest for our readers. We were giving away 10 license keys valid for 6 months for our IP Hider application. Now, the contest is ended and the winners have been chosen: Ali Shannon Ibheck Vhick PCbasics Kire My immortalize Malkhaz Marc Pa Richie Rich Winners will receive an e-mail containing […]

IP Hider giveaway – 10 free license keys

Posted on August 5, 2010 in Free Hide IP

It’s been a while since we host a giveaway campaign on our blog, even if meantime we were providing free IP Hider license keys on other blogs. This week we decided to launch a contest for our readers. We will giveaway 10 license keys valid for 6 months for our IP Hider application. How can […]

Geolocation privacy – are you worried?

Posted on July 23, 2010 in Security

The new trend in social media is represented by geolocation. Geolocation is “the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a cell phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal. Geolocation may refer to the practice of assessing the location, or to the actual assessed location.” Wikipedia Many social networks or microblogging platforms […]

5 security & privacy features in IE 8

Posted on June 25, 2010 in Security

Internet Explorer is still used by many for the simple fact that it comes by default with their computers. Internet Explorer 6, even it was literally the worst browser available, was used by over 70% of PC users. This happened until Firefox has started its anti IE campaign and users realized that there are other […]

Proxy list updated with US and DE servers

Posted on June 11, 2010 in IP Hider

Due to the problems we encounter lately with our proxies, we had to update our proxy list. This week new US and DE proxies were embedded into the application instead the old ones. We hope that our users are able to fully enjoy online anonymity. I would like to mention that the updated proxy list […]

Are you getting what you pay for? Test your Internet speed

Posted on June 4, 2010 in How to

Are you sure you are getting what you are paying for? Don’t be surprised if your Internet speed is considerable lower that the one you are supposed to get. The Internet providers are not always giving what they are supposed to do, that’s why you should check your Internet connection speed on a regular basis. […]

7 tips to boost your Wireless Router Signal

Posted on May 28, 2010 in How to, Security

Buildings where never designed with network cable in mind and consequently we all had issues with your wireless signal. The first thing we should consider before talking about how we can improve our wireless network is the network’s security. It was not once when some of my neighbors left their wireless network open, with the […]

How to send a secured message via e-mail

Posted on May 13, 2010 in Security

I’m sure many of us are not aware of the wide variety of services available online. There are services that you don’t know they exist and more than that, you don’t know you could use it. A good example is TMWSD (, which is a secure, auto-deleted messaging service. The purpose of this service is […]

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