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Can your IP address reveal websites you have visited?

Posted on December 11, 2009 in Misc, Security

The majority asks this frequent question: if someone gets my IP, address is it possible for that person to find out the websites I visited? Well there is not too much philosophy because having only your IP address there is no way to get your websites visited. On the other hand, having your IP address can find other private information about yourself as : location, OS, browser etc.

On the other hand, website are recording visitor’s IP address. Usually each websites have a Privacy Policy where they mention about the fact that visitor’s IP address is recorded in order to get statistics about people’s visit and preferences. In the Privacy Policy should also be mentioned that user’s IP address or other information would not be sold, rent or transferred to a third-part. But websites are not recording IP address just to get statistics but also to learn about users online behavior. Learning about user’s preferences and online behavior they can create customized ads and promote them when the user is visiting websites.

But indifferent if they are recording your IP address, your e-mail, your name or any other information, these should be mentioned in their Privacy Policy. Now let’s be serious: how many of you are reading a website’s Privacy Policy?

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