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Hide IP software detected as Trojan

Posted on November 12, 2009 in Free Hide IP, IP Hider, Misc, Security

Lately users complained that while downloading a hide IP software their antivirus application detects the IP tool as Trojan. This happens especially when users have installed latest antivirus’ version.

So I asked a colleague from our technical department what happens and why do we face this situation. Here is what he said:

Antivirus applications detect certain applications as malware / virus due to certain actions these applications perform and / or certain components these applications load in order to provide certain functionalities. Application actions identified as malicious within antivirus software settings consist in background internet connections, system / critical file / folder access / edit / removal or system registry entry access / edit / removal. Components to be loaded within application workflow are to be considered as malicious software due to interference with operating system workflow specifically operating system events / data capture. Antivirus manufacturers provide extended information regarding the application types considered as malicious software.

At the end, he assured me that I can install without problems any of the most popular hide IP tools because there is no critical virus installing on my computer. Just because these applications are able to break through firewalls doesn’t mean they are malware. Important companies like UltraReach and AllAnonymity are already working to solve this issue to provide new versions for their applications just for our peace of mind.

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  1. Corina Says:

    You’ve been working to fixing this issue since Nov. 12, 2009 since this article was posted on this web site? I’m wondering if this is all BS to keep us from removing the trojan.

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