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How to locate an IP address

Posted on October 27, 2009 in Misc, Security, Web Proxies

Some weeks ago, I was talking about how we can find out someone’s IP address. provides solution into finding out someone’s IP, but how can we trace that IP and to find its location? There are specific tools for this also.

The first one that I would like to mention is Unfortunately it is not 100% accurate. I tested it with many IP addresses and it was not able to locate all of them. That’s why when you would like to locate an IP address I recommend you to test it with more tools. My favorite websites that provide IP location are and These two are the most accurate providing general information related to hostname, ISP but also geographic information related to the country and the city the specific IP address is.

iplocate also provides support in testing if an IP address is blacklisted or not. This means that it checks to see if the IP address is listed in one of the 100 DNS anti-spam databases. This will help you to detect spam and to reject mail that comes from mail servers known (or believed) to send spam.

Locating an IP address is also a security measure you can take because it allows you to avoid spamming. On the other hand, if your IP address gets in wrong hands, it can reveal private information related to your geographical location and hostname.

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  1. brendan oboy Says:

    proxy server in ireland not working for over the last week

  2. Sam Says:

    Ireland is working for me but Germany and Netherlands doesn not work…

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks Sam. It happens sometimes when the proxies are over used. We will solve this problem in few hours.

  4. Deborah Says:

    Ireland is not working for me

  5. Sara Says:

    The Irish proxy has not been working for me for the last week.

  6. Cristian Says:

    ¡Hola! He estado leyendo(gracias al traductor de google),y creo que ofrecen una buena erramienta para proteccion y demas items;estoy viendo mi presupuesto para comprar esta erramienta y tener mas con proteccion.Cristian.

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