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IP Hider 4.7 – available for download

Posted on October 21, 2009 in IP Hider

As I promised last week, a new version of IP Hider is available for download. You can download and test it already and sent us your feedback. Improvements were made in order to:

  • Provide better anonymity
  • Work better while auto-configures browsers
  • Update proxy list

Costumers that have purchased in the last 6-month an older version of IP Hider, can now upgrade to version 4.7 for free, while the other can upgrade to the latest version for only $8.99.

All our readers and users can win a free one month license key for IP Hider.  Check out the conditions for winning a license key for IP Hider 4.7.

16 Responses to “IP Hider 4.7 – available for download”

  1. bimo Says:

    i want try it…

  2. Jason Says:

    I want this new one. Version 4.7 hope its better than 4.5

  3. Harry Says:

    Hey I’m having problem downloading IP hider 4.7. When i start downloading and finishes it comes up with Ip hider 4.5… Help me admin

  4. Jason Says:

    Help with download IP hider 4.7. I can’t seem to get the link. I always getting 4.5 instead of 4.7. Help me admin

  5. admin Says:

    Try again now 🙂
    Now everything should work just fine

  6. tony Says:

    i try at first and it works but now it does NOT work 4.7

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Tony.

    Please contact the support department at: and they will help you solve all problems you encounter with IP Hider.

  8. Amber Says:

    4.7 does not install properly on Vista. Crashes frequently and stops working without notice. Even with rebooting, the program doesn’t work, it is slow, and only works intermittently. There are much better programs out there for the same money, I am sorry I found this one first and bought it.

  9. jay Says:

    i have a problem using this 4.7 when i want other ip its not properly give me the ip what i want???

  10. jeremy Says:

    I paid for you product, I got a registration code, it dosn’t work, i sent
    3 requests for support, waited 4 days and got nothing in reply. poor performance!

  11. michael Says:

    I have tried this website many times but it is not working what is the matter please explain?

  12. jo Says:

    I agree. when you buy the upgrade it doesn’t download or even work. can’t even find it on my computer. bye bye IP hider. no one gets back to you when you email them so whats the point in asking for help. its all money they want. shame i was so stupid to buy it.

  13. admin Says:

    Hello Jo,

    I am sorry for this situation. I have checked our database and it seems that our support department have already provided you a reply.
    It might went into the Spam folder. They will sent you another e-mail and will provide you a solution.

  14. edson lopes Says:

    change a new IP

  15. Cliff Says:

    I would like to see about getting the free license for the Ip hider.

    The 3 days was hardly enough time to evaluate it. Also would like to see more American mirror sites to try out.

  16. ayegyi Says:

    I want to free license key for IP Hider 4.7.

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