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What is a Proxy Server?

Posted on September 28, 2009 in Misc, Security, Web Proxies

A proxy server is an intermediate computer between you and the server the request was sent. In this way, the client computer is invisible to the Web server being protected of malicious attacks and keeping itself anonymous.

  • How does the proxy server work?

When you make a request (http,ssl,ftp,etc), your internal computer connects to the proxy server. The proxy server forwards your request to the server where the information is hosted, and starts sending and receiving data.

  • What is the usage of a proxy server?

The usage of a proxy server is to hide your real IP address when you request specific information, to allow you access to blocked content and to avoid hackers’ attacks. Also a proxy server is used to cache web pages from a web server speeding up access to a resource. Finally, the proxy server can be used to filter or censor the information before sending it to the client.

  • Which are the proxy server types?

Depending on the using purpose, there are FTP Proxy Server, HTTP Proxy Server, SSL Proxy Server, Socks Proxy Server, NAT Proxy Server. Furthermore, we can divide proxy servers in two great categories: anonymous proxy servers and transparent proxy servers.
Anonymous proxy servers also known as web proxies are the one that enable the anonymous web surfing that is why I will dedicate them an entire post in the very close future.

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