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Top free hide IP address software of 2009

Posted on July 17, 2009 in Free Hide IP, Misc, Security

After talking about top methods to hide your IP address, top web proxy sites to use I thought it would be the time for the top free applications that hide the IP. You can find a short review for each of them, listed randomly.

UltraSurf is a free hide IP address that works very fine. I installed the application easy and fast. The application works on Internet Explorer (automatic configuration) and if you want to use it on Firefox than you have to install a plugin (you can find it on their download page). Once you have installed the plugin and hit the Enable button, the application changes the IP address.

It has only one US ip address that allows surfing anonymously. What I liked to the application was the speed, because I didn’t feel that the traffic was routed through a proxy. One think bothered me, when I checked my IP address, What Is My IP Address recognized the proxy as a suspicious one.
Compared to other free products, UltraSurf can be set to delete your browser cookies, but in my opinion this is not an indispensable feature.

TOR is one of the most popular hide IP address applications but is not very easy to use. First of all a great advantage of TOR is that there is a version for Windows and one for Mac users.

Running the TOR client on MS Windows requires the installation of TOR, Vidalia (a GUI for Tor), and Privoxy (a filtering web proxy) into one package, with the three applications pre-configured to work together. After installing TOR and Privoxy, you need to configure your applications to use them because there is no automatically configuration. The TOR network relies on volunteers to donate bandwidth and in this way the performance is unpredictable, depending on routes between the Tor network nodes. Details about the installation can be found on their websites.

TOR is not suitable for p2p applications such as Torrents and it only protects applications that are configured to work through TOR. A great advantage is that encrypts all traffic between the nodes and we can say I is virtually unbeatable (if properly configured).

Not my Ip is the newest application available on the market and I must say I was pretty surprised about it. The application installs in few seconds and automatically configures all browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera etc)


It has 3 dedicated premium proxies from US that are not slowing down the Internet connection. Another important thing is that being a new application, the application does not have blacklisted IPs as UltraSurf.

Hotspot Shield it creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between your computer and an Internet gateway. The application’s installation is easy and the IP’s provided are from US. After the installation, the VPN connection it’s initialized and the configuration page will open.

What I like to this application is that due to the VPN technology not only the browsing is anonymous but my IP is hidden even if I use mail, chat or other application. The disadvantage is the fact that the traffic is limited to 3GB per month but even so, the application is excellent.

These are only 4 applications, but if you know others that should be mentioned here, tell me and I will test and review it.

UPDATE: If you need free VPNs then here is a list containing top 5 free VPN services.

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  1. Dan's Software Report Says:

    i been using this product for a month, and it’s the best one i’ve used so far.

  2. Dinesh Says:

    i cnt open any of this site what can i do 2 downloard this software?pls help me by email.thanks

  3. chenjia Says:

    I used to use freegate, I think it’s very useful

  4. s Says:

    please send me proxy for

  5. khan Says:

    plz send me in my email to change proxy i want all hidden sides open thks

  6. rakesh Says:

    hai sir give some ideas for unblock orkut from server.

  7. rakesh Says:

    plz help to unblock orkut.

  8. sugu Says:

    how i open orkut . now i am in UAE

  9. Mulch Hockessin de Says:

    Interesting, I am curious what the statistics are on your first point there…

  10. asefa stotaw Says:

    hide my ip and serfing anounmitly

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