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Top methods to stay invisible online

Posted on July 6, 2009 in Free Hide IP, Misc, Security, Web Proxies

If you hit the search bar in Google looking for methods of hiding the IP address in order to obtain an anonymous browsing, to unblock websites, bypass filters etc, you will get thousands of results. And you have to deeply search and analyze to see which are the most used methods and best resources to use. That’s why I thought it should be really useful to list below the top methods used to browse invisible online.

Before listing and describing them you should know that these options can be applied only if you have a dynamic IP address. If you have a static IP address you should call your ISP and ask them to change your IP address.

Web proxies

Probably this is the most used method and very easy also.
But first what is a proxy and which is its purpose?
A proxy server is a computer system or an application program that acts as an intermediary when a user is searching for resources and information from other servers. The main purposes of a proxy server are to keep the machines behind it anonymously and to speed up access to a resource. Now that we know what a proxy server is, we can go further to web proxies. A “web proxy” is in fact a proxy that focuses on WWW traffic and its purpose is to the cache web documents in order to reduce bandwidth usage and server load. An anonymous proxy server, of if you want to call it an anonymous web proxy makes the browsing invisible. So when the user is requesting the information / resources from a specific server, he is doing this through an anonymous proxy server. In this way the server does not receive the end user’s information, being in this way difficult to track.

In this category I would also introduce the open (free or private) proxies which are used to manually configure your browser. Most browsers can be configured and you can specify the proxy server and port for each protocol.
If you don’t know how to do this, check the tutorials from which provides support for the most important browsers used.
The disadvantage is that even if the server does not have the end user’s information, the anonymous web proxy has it, and you are not completely untraceable.

VPN connections

VPN is the abbreviation from Virtual Private Network. A VPN is about creating a virtual private network or tunnel over the public network “internet”. Each VPN is private and keeps its activities anonymous and secure being in this way a great option for people concerned about online privacy. The advantage over proxy websites is that using a VPN connection your online activity is anonymous not only when you are browsing the web but also when you are using different applications (games, e-mail, chat applications etc). There are many VPN providers that have setup remote servers at various locations or you can create your self a VPN connection. For example if you want to create one of a Windows XP than you should check the step-by-step tutorial provided by Microsoft Help and Support.

Hide IP software

The hide IP software are applications that have a defined proxy list. The simplest application will only allow you to enable the invisible browsing, selecting a proxy from the list. But there are many other applications that have more functionalities like the possibility to add proxies manually into the list, the possibility to test proxies in advanced, to clean online tracks, to delete Temporary Internet Files and much more. There are applications that allows you to manually configure and test proxies (for advanced users) or automatically (for less experienced users). These hide IP methods are very easy and can be used by anyone. The most important in this case is the proxy list and it’s very important to test the application if you intend to buy it to be sure that the proxies are working fine on your computer.

Toolbars and Firefox add-ons

This category is similar with the hide IP software, because in fact these toolbars and add-ons are software applications with a proxy list embedded. Usually these do not have more functionalities, only the hide IP feature. If you decide to use them be sure that the toolbar you use is compatible with your browser.

These are the most important ways to hide IP address and browse invisible. These are not the only methods, but are the most used. In future posts, I will provide you some good resources to use, based on these categories.

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