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How to use the new version of Anonymous Friend toolbar to unblock websites

Posted on April 10, 2009 in Free Hide IP, Misc, Security

Anonymous Friend (AF) is an Internet Explorer toolbar that will change your IP address with others from specific countries in order to visit restricted websites, post on forums anonymous or simply to protect you online privacy.
Last week a new version, 4.0, was released. Even if there weren’t new features embedded, this new version had great technical improvements. A new list of high quality proxies were added to the old list so that the Internet speed will not be slowed down while browsing invisible.

Regarding the registration, the new version of Anonymous Friend is free although the premium proxies are not. After the 3 days trial you can still use the product adding proxies that you want or using the proxies that we have (beside the premium ones). If you want to use our premium proxies you have to buy one of the subscriptions packages starting from $5.95.

How to use Anonymous Friend toolbar

  1. Download the latest version available here and install it on your computer
  2. Open Internet Explorer. Right click on the Menu Bar and select Anonymous Friend
  3. Enable online anonymity and select a premium proxy. The toolbar will test it automatically and if you are not satisfied of its speed you can select another.
  4. Check the What is my IP page and see which is your new IP address.

If you have tested our product please give us your feedback in the comments section below so we can improve it in the future versions. Enjoy of your online anonymity. 🙂

4 Responses to “How to use the new version of Anonymous Friend toolbar to unblock websites”

  1. Jase Pine Says:

    Very impressive website, good job

  2. decree99 Says:

    anonymous toolbar,a must download

  3. John Hynes Says:

    I have installed anonymous friend. When I try to enable Anonymous mode for Internet explorer I get this message:

    Failed to enable Anonymous mode , error 5

    Also I get Error downloading proxy list when I update Proxy List.

    Any ideas ?


  4. moe Says:

    same problem as john hynes i have a error 5

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