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Video: How to use the new IP Hider

Posted on January 8, 2009 in IP Hider

We have created a short video to show how IP Hider can be used to hide your IP address. We are proud to say that it would take you less than 5 seconds to get started and hide your IP. Just click on a country (US, UK, Germany or Ireland) and … you are hidden. Watch the video to see what we mean! Enjoy!

AllAnonymity Team

2 Responses to “Video: How to use the new IP Hider”

  1. pablo Says:

    bonjour, je suis actuellement au bénin et je n’arrive pas à passer l’annonce sur le site
    merci et me trouver un moyen

  2. pablo Says:

    oui mais sa ne mache pas.
    sa me donne la main de passer l’annonce mais , je ne trouve pas des message d’activation qui prouvera que l’annonce est en ligne.

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