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IP Hider 4.0 – coming soon

Posted on December 12, 2008 in IP Hider

A new version of our hide IP software, IP Hider will be released starting with next year. 

The most important feature enhanced in the new IP Hider version is the smart mode (easy mode). This mode has a map with all countries and the countries where proxies are available are nice colored.

This is very simple and easy, just perfect for users with less computer experience. From the Smart mode you can pass in advanced mode where you have the possibility to test proxies in advanced and to configure some settings manually.

IP Hider has premium proxies’ available and implemented exclusively for our users. Using premium proxies we assure a fast secure and anonymous web surfing without any worries that your internet connection might be slowed down.

AllAnonymity Team

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  2. Irene DiDonato Says:

    Is the an up-grade,fro free ?

  3. admin Says:

    Hello Irene,

    You are able to upgrade to version 4.0 for only $8.99. If you upgrade during January you get a new license valid for another year.

    In order to upgrade go to

    Thank you,
    AllAnonymity Team

  4. Roger Says:

    Will this software of is there others that can hid source info, like ip adress for outgoing email that i send?

    I assume that the source of the sending ip adress can be extracted from an emails source code?

  5. Kel Says:

    hello to the admin i love yall program but when i uninstall in it delete my proxiy and have made it were i can not use my I.E or my msn if u can plz help me and reply to me by the e-mail i left like i said i love the program and i have pass this site on to my friends thanks

  6. Rashed Says:


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