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Christmas Discount: 20% for IP Hider!

Posted on December 9, 2008 in Misc

Interested about protecting your online identity? Then now is the moment to check on our IP Hider solution. Until Christmas, you can purchase our software with a 20% discount from its current price.

Mask your real IP and browse without ever worrying that the ISPs or any other marketing tool is monitoring your surfing habits.

Click here to check our discount page and buy IP Hider at a lower price!

One Response to “Christmas Discount: 20% for IP Hider!”

  1. Jacklyn Says:

    I sent an email to you on Dec 24th, wanted to take advantage of the 20% discount but when I went to purchase the order, it listed the full price instead of the discounted price even though it was before the christmas deadline.

    Would still like to order your product and would appreciate it if someone would tell me how to purchase it at 20% off.


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