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Browsing habits

Posted on September 2, 2008 in IP Hider

We all are loyal to our behavioral formation. We all show some habitual tendency even when we are sitting idle in front of a computer plugged with net. This behavior is very common and the development of such habit is completely guided by our dominant thoughts on day to day life.

Internet browsing mostly starts with signing in to some web based mail account to check some mails. Once the correspondence is all set and made internet browsing habit then would switch to the second category of choice or interest. This may be getting the latest news, games scores, horoscopes and the like. The internet browsing habits generally then switch to another arena of interest. Kindly note, people while browsing generally allow more time to their purpose. The habit is formulated and developed as such that the specific keywords used for his search can divert the search to other optimized keywords, in the course of searching.

In terms of relevancy rating the surfer will then switch to another result of his search match. And people are very biased about their browsing habits, one of the reasons why Google is doing good business. When people do not have time, they do not go through each result. They click on the most relevant content. People show most common habit of going or clicking or landing on the most likely search result returns. They would go for the top most returned results. Again pages that take long time to load are not accessed. . The click control sets the route map of browsing behavior or you can say sets the route for browsing crawler.

The internet browsing habit can be developed on the basis of guided search results. The guided search results for any given keyword are becoming popular with all the engine optimizers. Though there is a debate on guiding people’s exercise of right on information this way, it works. However the internet browsing habit shall only be formed based on the surfers’ browsing purpose

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