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Use IP Hider to browse with US IP address

Posted on August 25, 2008 in IP Hider

There are a lot of web sites, forums and social networks that allow only users that have US (United States) IP to see their whole content. Users from other countries are blocked or get a different content. If you want to unblock these sites, IP Hider is the ideal to to use.

IP Hider is one of the simplest hide ip solutions. Here is what you have to do to start browsing with US IP address:

1. Download and install IP Hider.
2. After installation, just choose a US proxy as you see below:

3. After you choose an US proxy, an automatic procedure tests the proxy to check its availability and speed.
4. If the proxy is working and the speed is suitable for you press “Enable Online Anonymity” button.
5. Then check your new IP address.

Now you can start browsing with US IP address. It’s that SIMPLE. Enjoy!

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