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Proxy danger

Posted on August 25, 2008 in Misc, Web Proxies

The proxy servers sound good as these allow you to hide your identity as you browse the internet. Proxies are generally found in small office systems or in academic networks that have a broadband connection. There are many people who use proxy sites to bypass the filtering systems at schools and offices.These sites have made it difficult for the schools and offices to put a ban on the users accessing a range of music, social networking, and other such sites.

The proxy software allows the PCs that are within a network to use the same internet connection and have the same IP address. The open proxies on the other hand would also accept requests from other users thus making way for the spammers who do not want to reveal their IP addresses.

These open proxies are the result of a proxy application that does not have a proper configuration. Spammers are very intelligent in finding out open proxies. There are many applications that search the net looking for such openings. These help a spammer to gather information that is required to attack any machine. There are also some spammers that get access to PCs by making users install applications that are laden with viruses through certain peer-to-peer file-sharing websites. These viruses have the capability to install open proxies even on systems that are secure.

There are a lot of dangers that come with these proxy servers. The proxy sites promise to provide you anonymity as you surf the net but there is a vast majority of these sites that gather a lot of your personal information that might be used against you. There are many proxy sites that have been set up just for this purpose. It is therefore imperative that you put proper checks in place to ensure your safety.

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  1. sagar das Says:

    i really didn’t know till date that “There are many applications that search the net looking for such openings.” ..i used to surf internet using proxy sites often both in university and at office . now i am aware of the risk.
    thanks to Misc

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