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Tips to Browse Invisible

Posted on August 21, 2008 in IP Hider

A novice in the browsing world may fall prey to a common belief that software that hides the IP address is sufficient for browsing invisible. But, IP address-hiding software is not a secured solution, as it cannot promise complete online privacy while maintaining online anonymity. Software that can maintain anonymity while one is online cannot necessarily prevent leaking of private and sensitive data being used or entered during the internet-usage period. Completely invisible browsing would mean getting rid of all Internet tracks that a user is bound to leave behind.

Thus, for invisible browsing, a user needs some sort software that is able to completely conceal a users IP address, as well as software that can erase a users Internet tracks, such as cookies and database entries. Both types of these software types come in multiple flavors. Some IP anonymizers are capable of switching alternative IP addresses more often than others. Many options are free, but the better software with auto-updates and the highest protection may come with a cost attached. It is important that you investigate into the different styles of these softwares to find out which one will protect your online presence the most.

An internet user also needs to educate himself regarding anonymity, online privacy and internet tracks in order to understand their meanings, their differences and the various features that the various products offer. Knowledge and education will also help in fathoming whether the claims made by the privacy products available in the market are practically achievable. Knowledge will also help in the actual usage of any privacy software. The user may go through various websites, explaining the privacy matters and offering tips and advices. Books, like “Internet Sources” by Marcus P. Zillman, released in November 2003, provide the reader with valuable inputs about browsing invisible.

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